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Vivaz Permanent Color Creme 8.71 Light Grey

Vivaz Permanent Color Creme 8.71 Light Grey

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Introducing the sophisticated Vivaz Permanent Color Creme 8.71 Light Grey – a fusion of refined color and indulgent care that redefines your hair coloring experience. This unique shade, characterized by its light grey tones, unveils an elegant and contemporary allure that sets you apart.

Meticulously crafted with meticulous attention to both color brilliance and hair vitality, this exceptional hair color creme seamlessly blends a thoughtfully curated selection of premium ingredients, making it the ultimate choice for those seeking distinctive color paired with luxurious care.

At the heart of this formulation lies Argan Oil, infusing a sense of opulence into your hair transformation journey. Its moisturizing and nourishing properties work harmoniously to rejuvenate and amplify your hair's natural shine, ensuring that your new color radiates vibrancy.

Bamboo Extract, a revered ingredient in hair care, lends its inherent strength to the blend. By fortifying your hair's structure, it promotes resilience and helps diminish the risk of breakage, resulting in hair that's not only visually captivating but also strong.

Keratin, a fundamental protein present in hair, collaborates with the formula to enrich your hair's texture. It works to smoothen the hair cuticle, yielding a polished finish that exudes elegance and shine.

Squalane, a lightweight plant-derived oil, provides the finishing touch of hydration to the mix. It aids in maintaining your hair's moisture balance, leaving it soft, sleek, and inviting to the touch, even after the color application process.

Elevate your hair transformation journey with the captivating hue of Vivaz Permanent Color Creme 7.62 Red Iris Blonde. Enriched with a harmonious blend of Argan Oil, Bamboo Extract, Keratin, and Squalane, this product encapsulates the essence of both vibrant color and nurturing care. Embrace the striking allure of Red Iris Blonde and experience the extraordinary fusion of captivating color and opulent care with Vivaz.

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