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Vivaz Permanent Color Creme 5.5 Light Mahogany Brown

Vivaz Permanent Color Creme 5.5 Light Mahogany Brown

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Discover the beauty of Vivaz Permanent Color Creme 5.5 Light Mahogany Brown, a harmonious blend of captivating color and luxurious care for your hair. This exquisite shade, characterized by its light mahogany brown tones, offers a sophisticated and warm appearance that complements a range of skin tones.

Crafted with meticulous attention to both color vibrancy and hair health, this exceptional hair color creme is enriched with a curated selection of premium ingredients that go beyond color transformation.

  • Argan Oil, renowned for its hydrating and revitalizing properties, offers a luxurious touch to your hair transformation. It aids in enhancing hair's natural shine and suppleness, creating an alluring radiance that catches the light.
  • Bamboo Extract, a cherished hair care ingredient, brings its strengthening and fortifying qualities to the formula. By nurturing hair's resilience, it contributes to a voluminous and healthy appearance, while also helping to diminish breakage.
  • Keratin, a fundamental protein found in hair, teams up with the formula to fortify and enhance hair structure. It works to smooth the hair cuticle, resulting in a sleek and polished finish that radiates sophistication.
  • Squalane, a lightweight and plant-derived oil, plays a pivotal role in maintaining hair's moisture balance. It ensures that your locks remain hydrated, soft, and touchably smooth, combating potential dryness that can arise from the coloring process.

This Vivaz Permanent Color Creme stands as a testament to our commitment to merging the allure of stunning hair color with the nurturing power of nature. Elevate your hair transformation journey with the captivating allure of Dark Mahogany Brown, enriched by the harmonious blend of Argan Oil, Bamboo Extract, Keratin, and Squalane. Experience the fusion of beauty and care that defines Vivaz. Unlock the potential of your hair color, one enriching shade at a time.

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