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Vivaz Permanent Color Creme 1 Black

Vivaz Permanent Color Creme 1 Black

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Experience the transformative power of Vivaz Permanent Color Creme 1 Black, a pinnacle in hair coloring innovation that guarantees unmatched results. Our formula is expertly infused with a synergistic blend of nature's most potent ingredients, including the luxurious Argan Oil, revitalizing Bamboo Extract, fortifying Keratin, and enriching Squalane.

The deep, intense shade of 1 Black offers a timeless elegance that complements a wide range of styles. Whether you're seeking to embrace your natural color or explore a bold new look, our Permanent Color Creme provides a seamless application process that ensures even coverage and striking depth.

Argan Oil, known for its rich nourishing properties, joins forces with Bamboo Extract to infuse your strands with hydration, leaving your hair lustrous and supple. Keratin, a protein essential for hair strength, helps fortify and rejuvenate your locks, promoting resilience and shine. Squalane, a natural emollient, seals in moisture and imparts a silky-smooth texture to your tresses.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond stunning color – it's about providing a holistic experience that cares for your hair's health and radiance. Vivaz Permanent Color Creme 1 Black stands as a testament to our dedication to quality and innovation, delivering vibrant, enduring color that enhances your individuality.

Embrace the power of science and nature harmonizing in a single formula, as you embark on a hair coloring journey that speaks volumes about your style and confidence. Choose Vivaz, where vibrant color meets nourishing care.
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